Database Gate is SQL editor based on ODBC, the main features are:smart shortcuts to minimize the query writing, complete Object Browser, detailed Table Browser, Schema Diff, Syntax Highlighting, Import & Export Data, Find & Replace, Macro Keys, SQL File Batch Execution, Automatic Script creation from tables/views/result sets, MDI Application to connect to different servers at the same time,Win32 small executable with no DLLs,OCXs etc. installed in your system

Publisher description

Database Gate is SQL editor able to connect to every kind of database using ODBC. You can write and execute queries, create, alter or drop tables, execute stored procedures, get information about all the objects in the database, the columns list/primary or foreign keys/indexes of a table with the Object and Table browser, export/import data, also in HTML, with or without transaction.Database Gate allows you to connect to different kind of database at the same time and helps you in editing, there are useful shortcuts to minimize the writing of standard SQL statements and formatting text tools. You have also custom shortcuts by using the macro keys. The Syntax Highlighting, Words and Context Completation helps you in writing your SQL statements. With the batch language you can do in automatic way particular tasks. With the Finder function you can look for objects in the database using many different criteria. Schema Diff finds the difference between two data source. Database Gate needs only ODBC 32 bit support installed in the system.

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